Technical Brilliance | Applications
laminated glass, coloured glass, architectural glass, laminated patterned glass, feature glass
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We consider ourselves more than just manufacturers of glass; we are at the leading edge of transforming glass from a source of light to an integrated and creative function of architecture and design. No matter what the application, we will help bring your concept to life.


Interior Design

Turning a space into a unique work of art is a central component of quality interior design. The inherent versatility and variety of Axess Technical Brilliance™ allows designers to use windows and glass in ways previously only dreamed of. Imagine the opportunities to utilise every facet to realise your vision.


Architectural applications form a major component of the Axess Glass projects. Architects engage us because we not only understand their desire to create something special, but we will always try to find a way to make their designs become a reality. R&D is important to us; it lets us create something new for our clients, and it allows our creative abilities to come to the fore.

Gateway Bridge

Bespoke installations

We love the individual qualities of glass, and the almost limitless opportunities at our disposal to produce something rare and valuable. Our love of creative designs is matched by an absolute commitment to quality control and the highest quality production standards. If you have something special you’d like to create, we’re the people you should speak to.